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Austin Marketing Agency

Straight North is an Austin marketing company that helps small and midsized Texas companies improve lead generation. Established in 1997, we work with B2B and B2C organizations looking to improve results in the Austin area, and also with Austin-based companies that market regionally and nationally.

Our Austin Marketing Agency Has a Proven Process

You must invest carefully in marketing, since there are so many options and so many agencies from which to choose. Over the years we have developed a proven process for delivering marketing ROI to our clients. Here it is in a nutshell.

  • Discovery. We take the time to understand your marketing and overall business objectives. We’ll do a survey of you and the competition to evaluate strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. The key here is that we listen before we leap.
  • Strategy. No marketing campaign can possibly succeed without a solid foundation, a strategy that defines objectives, timelines, milestones and metrics. We develop the strategy together to make sure it is not only solid, but also custom built for your needs.
  • Execution. We are sticklers for details. All of our processes are documented, and a dedicated account manager skilled in communication and project management oversees the entire workflow. Our process has proven to get results, even in the most complex and challenging campaigns.
  • Reporting. You’ll see immediately that our monthly reports are detailed and easy to read — we want you to know what work we’ve done, what’s been accomplished, and what needs to be done next.
  • Continuous improvement. We look at campaign data carefully, and conduct tests to improve results. This is how your marketing investment reaches the maximum ROI.

What We Do

With a large, full-time staff of designers, developers, copywriters, marketing specialists, project managers and analysts, our Austin marketing firm has broad experience and expertise. Our main areas of focus include:

  • SEO — local and national campaigns.
  • PPC management, for campaigns of virtually any budget and complexity.
  • Email marketing, with turnkey campaign service as well as select services to complement your in-house work.
  • Sales collateral, including print, downloadable PDFs, slide presentations, trade show exhibit graphics, and more.
  • Display advertising, including retargeting — an underutilized activity that boasts a very high conversion rate.
  • Website design — We are extremely proficient in building lead generation websites, and have design options for small- and large-scale projects. All of our websites are responsive, adjusting automatically for optimum viewing on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

If you’re marketing results have been less than you expect, or if you want a fresh look at your marketing options, please contact us now. We are eager to hear about your challenges and find out if we can be of assistance.

Please contact us now for a quote or to learn more.

Our toll-free phone number is 855-883-0011. Click here to request a quote.