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Website Design Pricing

Web design cost is the first thing a company wants to know when it starts to investigate building a new site.

However, having built websites for more than two decades, we know that basing a decision on published web design pricing is dangerous and should be avoided.

Why is this the case? The problem is, without first establishing your website requirements, looking at the price for website design is meaningless. Web design fees are a function of project scope, and no two project scopes are identical. Before any agency can give you a meaningful cost for website design, it must first understand all of these 20 scope-related issues.

  • Number of pages on the new site and complexity of sitemap
  • Amount and complexity of new textual content
  • Need for a product catalog, and if so, the number of products
  • Amount of migration of content from the old site
  • Existing pages
  • Blog posts
  • PDF and other non-HTML formatted content adds cost
  • Amount and production cost of imagery and photographs
  • Amount and production cost of video and audio content
  • Number of unique design layouts (e.g., home page, category pages, sub-category pages)
  • Complexity of site navigation
  • Branding objectives
  • Need for branding creative such as new logos
  • Existence/non-existence of documented brand standards
  • Lead generation objectives
  • Online revenue objectives
  • Other strategic objectives
  • SEO requirements
  • Hosting requirements and options
  • Site functionality needed, especially:
  • Interactive careers section
  • Password-protected file repositories
  • Interactive map with locations/find a rep
  • Custom calculators
  • Third-party integration with CRMs, marketing automation software, proprietary platforms, etc.
  • Project timeline (short timelines usually drive up the cost for web design)
  • How much discovery time and collaboration will be necessary to button down the preceding issues and execute the project 

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Canned Website Design Pricing Means You Underpay or Overpay

As you can see from the list of issues above, starting with a web design price amounts to throwing a dart. When prospects come to us for a new site proposal, we often find that they are in one of two situations:

  • Some companies have paid $10K for a site they should have spent $20K on.
  • Some companies have paid $20K for a site they should have spent $5K on.

Either situation is bad. Obviously it’s bad to overpay for a website, but underpaying can be just as costly if not more. For lead generation, ROI is all-important. For example, if the $10K website generates $1K in annual ROI, but a $20K site would have generated $30K in annual ROI, the extra spend is obviously well worth the effort.

Straight North: Website Design Cost Suitable for Different Budgets

With all of this in mind, you can understand why we do not publish website design prices. As a leading web design firm with a solid, global reputation, we know that the only way to give you a meaningful price is to do our homework — to get a bit of information from you about your project so we can intelligently plot a course that meets your objectives and budget.

In general, our web design fees run on two tracks:

  • At the enterprise level, we have fully customized website options that incorporate a higher degree of functionality and overall complexity.
  • For small businesses that need a simpler site, we have “express” build options that are simpler to execute but are still fully customized.

If you are just starting the process of looking into a new website, a good starting point is to document answers (as best you can) to the 20 issues listed earlier on this page. This will help you communicate your needs with website design firms and get a cost for web design that is accurate and appropriate.

Of course, we hope you’ll contact us!

To learn more about our website design pricing or get a full proposal, please contact us now or call us toll free at 855-883-0011.