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Our deep knowledge of these industries allows us to execute high-impact Internet marketing campaigns to generate high-quality sales leads.

Our proven success in these industries, coupled with our industry-specific knowledge and resources, sets us apart from other Internet marketing companies.


Agriculture may be the oldest industry on the planet, but it’s no stranger to technology. This is as true when it comes to marketing as it is in the field.

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You need an Internet marketing company with experience marketing to fleet managers, vehicle buyers, trucking companies and other customers up and down the automotive supply chain. We’ve got you covered.

Auto Parts, Auto Repair, Car Dealers, Car Wash, Limo

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Aviation marketing is far from cut and dried, partly because of audience size. How you communicate with either group can vary dramatically, which means aviation marketing services must be highly specialized.

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Business Services

The business services sector is fiercely competitive. Are your Internet marketing campaigns and website keeping pace?

Call Center, Telecom

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Computing and Technology

The technology sector is ever changing. Stay ahead of the Internet marketing curve so you’re there when customers are looking.

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The U.S. construction industry is poised for growth. Are you ready to capture online leads as business picks up?

Architecture, Contractors, Electrician, Flooring, Home Builders, Home Improvement, HVAC,Interior Design,Plumbing, Roofing, Solar

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Education is an area of strong focus for Straight North. We offer a full range of Internet marketing services for increasing enrollment, fundraising and more.

College, Higher Education, Online School, Schools, Tutors

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Entertainment & Recreation

Casinos, Fishing, Hunting, Movie, Music

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Financial Services

When it comes to trusting a firm or financial advisor with their hard-earned money, individuals are quite choosy. How can you ensure that you are the company they see — not your competition — all while instilling a sense of trust in what you offer?

Accounting, Banks, Credit Union, Financial Advisors, Insurance, Investments, Loans, Payroll, Private Equity

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Food & Beverage

Currently, the food and beverage industry in America is a $1 trillion annual market. That represents an enormous segment of consumers, so it only makes sense that food and beverage marketing is such a hot topic.

Bars, Beer, Restaurants, Wine

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Even with national or regional advertising help from the overarching franchise brand, there’s the reality of driving sales at a specific location, all while staying within parameters of franchise rules and trademarks.

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Home Services

The home services market is exploding with competition today, as major online companies dive into services such as plumbing, flooring, storage and renovation — and capture more of the market share.

Carpet Cleaning, Day Care, Dry Cleaning, House Cleaning, Landscaping, Lawn Care, Life Coach, Pest Control, Pet Sitting

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HR & Recruiting

For companies that specialize in finding and retaining talent, marketing is everything. It’s through HR and recruiting marketing that firms are able to attract prospects, generate buzz and convert leads into clients.

Executive Search, Recruiting

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Marketing for industrial companies is a complex process that uses various online and offline tactics to attract leads, shorten sales cycles, and nurture business-to-business relationships.

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Looking to increase business for your law practice? A solid legal marketing strategy is a must.

Attorneys, Law Firms, Lawyers, Personal Injury

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Logistics and Supply Chain

Like any other industry, marketing for supply chain and logistics providers is about finding and reaching decision makers. Are your potential customers finding you when they search online?

Forklifts, Trucking

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Whether you are a regional, nationalor a global manufacturing business, manufacturing marketing is a key concern for expanding your business.

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From boat manufacturers to marinas, any company that sells marine-industry products or services needs a way to set itself apart in the marketplace to be able to gcol. Every ship builder or boat broker already understands the industry is competitive.

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Medical & Health

If you are looking to gcol your medical practice or attract more patients to your health clinic or hospital, you’ll need to create a medical and health marketing strategy that fits your goals and your budget.

Acupuncturist, Assisted Living, Cardiology, Chiropractor, Dentists, Dermatology, Doctors, Fitness, Funeral Homes, Gyms, Hospitals, Medical Practice, Mental Health, OB/GYN, Orthopedic, Personal Trainer, Physicians, Plastic Surgery, Podiatry, Rehab, Senior Living, Supplements, Veterinary

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In today’s society, nonprofits need marketing just as much as for-profit businesses do — at least if they want to stand out to donors, increase funding and keep providing specialized services.


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Social media, once considered a “fringe” activity for packaging marketing, is now quite important for many firms in the packaging design business. PPC (pay per click) advertising, a perennial industry staple, has gcoln even broader in appeal as Google has changed its web design to make paid ads almost indistinguishable from organic results. Below are the most promising options for packaging marketing.

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Personal Services

Personal services, whether you have a photography business or run a place of worship, are types of services where interaction with people is essential to what you do.

Churches, DJs, Photographers, Salon, Spa

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Pharmaceuticals are truly a massive industry today, with Americans spending $329.2 billion on prescription drugs in 2013 — and nine out of 10 big pharmaceutical companies now putting more into pharmaceutical marketing than research, according to The Washington Post.

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Professional Services

When your job is to support other professionals and businesses in a professional service of some kind, your focus tends to be outward. While this is a great way to deliver stellar customer service, it can make finding new clients difficult.

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Real Estate

The real estate field is one in which you need to stand out, or you will easily be swallowed up by the competition. Whether you're a seasoned real estate agent or someone new to the field, Internet marketing has changed the marketplace — making it essential to jump on board the online marketing platform to make yourself known.

Apartments, Home Inspection, Property Management, Realtors

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Retail & E-commerce

Whether it’s a downtown boutique, a shopping mall chain store, a big box retailer or an online retailer, every business that sells products to consumers knows the challenge of constantly needing to pull in sales.

Clothing, E-commerce, Electronics, Luxury Brands

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Software & Technology

Software and technology companies are more important than ever in today’s tech-focused business landscape. From app development to IT consulting to SaaS solutions that keep companies operating efficiently and effectively, the need for these businesses has never been greater — and there is no shortage of service providers stepping up to meet the need.

Computer Repair, IT Services, Web Hosting

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Sports & Athletics

You could have an amazing program and the best players. You could even have a magical corn field that resurrects the ghosts of baseball greats, but none of that matters if nobody knows who you are. Virtually everything in sports — from selling equipment and merchandise to filling seats — takes marketing.


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Tourism & Hospitality

From tour guides to travel agencies, any business in the tourism and hospitality industry knows the importance of reaching its audience. In the same way a hospitality company seeks to wow and delight guests, members or clients with its services, so too it must strategize to reach those clients in the first place.

Hotels, Resorts, Travel

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