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Austin Internet Marketing Company

Austin Internet marketing company Straight North has been helping Texas businesses build bigger sales lead pipelines since 1997. Whether you need a local SEO campaign for deeper penetration in the Austin market, or a national PPC campaign, we will get the job done.  

Our Austin Internet Marketing Agency Capabilities

With a large, full-time staff of web designers, developers, copywriters, marketing specialists, analysts and campaign managers, we concentrate on …


Search engine optimization continues to be a rich source of website traffic and lead generation for businesses of just about any type. Our SEO team handles campaigns of local to national scopes. Your campaign starts with intensive keyword research to target keywords with the right strategic mix of volume, relevance, buying intent and opportunity. You’ll see monthly campaign reports that detail all on-site and off-site activities our team accomplished, what’s planned for the month ahead, and analysis of campaign strengths and areas in need of improvement. (Transparency is at the heart of all our campaigns and our approach to business relationships.)


PPC is a great alternative or complement to SEO, as pay-per-click advertising offers a great deal of flexibility and can generate leads quickly. PPC works exceptionally well for familiar products and services with an enticing offer. Our team handles campaigns of virtually all size and scope, including complex campaigns involving tens of thousands of keywords. Keyword research, ad and landing page composition, ongoing split testing, tactical adjustments and precise analytics are core strengths of our campaigns.

Display advertising

Display ads include contextual targeting, site targeting and retargeting. All of these options enable you to reach highly relevant audiences, and often qualified to have an interest in your products or services. As a result, display offers a much higher potential conversion rate than other forms of online marketing. Our strengths in campaign strategy and web design will enable you to tap this underutilized avenue of lead generation.


Email marketing must be executed very well in these days of overstuffed email inboxes. With full capabilities for list management, creative services, email distribution, testing and analytics, we can be your turnkey source for an email campaign that produces inquiries and builds customer relationships.

Why Straight North — Lead Validation

Most lead generation marketing campaigns are evaluated based on conversion data — how many phone calls and form submissions resulted from a given campaign.

That methodology is fatally flawed! Our extensive research of over 1 million campaign conversions revealed that half of all conversions are something other than sales leads.

As a result, we validate leads in your campaign — to isolate true sales leads from the non-leads (for instance, spam and sales solicitations). In your reports, you will know how many leads we are generating, and will then be able to properly assess the value of your campaign.

Lead validation also helps us improve your campaign more quickly, since we can see which campaign variables are producing leads rather than spam, sales solicitations, etc.

Straight North is the only Austin Internet marketing agency that validates and reports on leads in real time — give us an opportunity and you will see the difference it makes.

Our toll-free phone number is 855-883-0011. Click here to request a quote.