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Professional SEO Services Company

Search engine optimization is a solid Internet marketing investment — if you are working with an experienced, professional SEO firm. Straight North has been delivering top SEO services to clients since 1997.

Our effective, expert organic SEO services include strategy, keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, content creation and content marketing — all with a focus on generating leads and growing your business.

When working with us, expect complete, customized campaigns, transparency in every aspect of our work and precise lead tracking and validation.

Are You Searching for a Great SEO Firm?

Stop looking — you’ve come to the right place! Are you new to search engine optimization? Straight North offers a range of SEO services to steer your business or organization in the right direction. And if you think your current SEO company is leading you astray, we’re here to help you change course.

Straight North is an affordable, professional SEO company that adheres to industry best practices and delivers excellent results. Our success in organic search campaigns is what distinguishes us from the pack. We deliver:

Effective Results

As a high-quality, reliable SEO agency, Straight North is always eager to share case studies highlighting our outcomes. We have a long track record of meaningful results such as lead generation and organic traffic growth. Plus, Straight North is an organic SEO firm with a real, substantive difference. We are the only SEO company that validates and reports sales leads in real time — so you can review and act on leads while they’re hot. What is lead validation? See our infographic!

SEO Expertise

With expert knowledge of SEO theory and best practices, Straight North is a professional SEO agency that enjoys a well-earned reputation as an industry leader. We have appreciative endorsements from current clients, and have articles published on leading marketing industry websites.

Quality Client Relationships

We understand that SEO campaigns involve ongoing communication and collaboration between the SEO services provider and its clients. Straight North cultivates a close working relationships with each client — one that fosters an enjoyable, long-lasting connection. We earn trust by emphasizing transparency and accountability in reporting and campaign management. You won’t find a more responsive SEO company in the USA!

Competitive Pricing

Every professional SEO agency has a particular activity range and business-size focus, and its program execution and pricing reflect these business decisions. Straight North directs its resources toward lead generation for midsize and smaller firms, and offers competitive — but not bargain basement — pricing to meet your goals and your budget. Beware of firms charging too little for monthly SEO services! A low monthly fee may seem attractive, but there is no free lunch with SEO, and low-budget campaigns almost always fail.

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What Exactly Are SEO Services?

You know enough about the benefits of effective SEO services, but if you don’t fully understand the terminology, you’re not alone! Clients are often confused and frustrated when interviewing professional SEO firms that obscure their message with search engine optimization jargon. Straight North understands that you may be positioned at the entrance ramp of your SEO journey, and you need a little direction to get to your ultimate destination — an increase in qualified sales leads. Because we believe that an informed, educated client is the best client, we explain our services and value proposition in plain English.

Feel free to explore this section of our website to gain a greater understanding of the technical aspects of search engine optimization. You’ll find detailed information to help you understand SEO sub-specialties such as keyword research, SEO tracking and SEO reporting. At Straight North, we know what we’re doing, and we want you to know what we’re doing, too, and why we’re doing it. The more you understand SEO, the better equipped your team is to work with a professional SEO company — and the better your results will be!

Ready to Navigate the Road to Success?

With Straight North as your driver, you’re on your way to a high-quality SEO campaign. Our professional SEO services are very structured, carefully coordinated and energetically implemented. What does this mean for you?

  • Structure ensures that all necessary steps are taken to produce results.
  • Coordination ensures that steps are taken in the proper order to prevent overlap and other inefficiencies.
  • Energetic implementation helps us attain the highest possible quality of work.

There are five stages to every campaign we undertake:

  1. Discovery, Research and Analysis. In this preliminary stage, our team carefully reviews your business, industry and keyword demand.
  2. Strategy. During this phase, we establish measurable goals, milestones and timeframes.
  3. Setup. We implement lead-tracking systems and other technical optimization prerequisites.
  4. Execution. This is the stage during which we conduct strategic, ongoing on-site and off-site tasks.
  5. Analytics and Continuous Improvement. Our staff collects and evaluates data that may lead to recalibrating your campaign.

Complex, well-organized and professional SEO services require a large, experienced staff. Straight North has it. Our full-time, in-house team includes strategists, analysts, copywriters, editors, content marketers, Web designers and developers who work in concert to meet your campaign objectives.

A key component of our process is a dedicated account manager. This individual, a trained and experienced search engine optimization specialist, oversees your campaign activity and coordinates all internal and client communications. Our account manager keeps you informed and answers your questions quickly, completely and clearly — throughout the entire campaign.

Why Is Straight North the Best SEO Firm for You?

Do you own or work for a small or midsize business or organization? Are you in the market for a first-rate lead generation provider? If you answered “yes” to those questions, then we’re the right SEO company for you! When you hire Straight North, you get a superior SEO campaign customized to meet your company's specific needs.

Our effective and expert search engine ranking process has been refined and proven to be successful for small business, middle market firms, and local and national SEO campaigns. We are committed to helping our clients drive organic traffic that converts into solid sales leads and revenue.

If you would like to learn more about our search engine optimization services and discuss your campaign, call us now at 855-883-0011 or request a quote online.