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Display Advertising

Use digital display advertising to drive visitors that convert into sales leads. It works – when you use the right display advertising agency.

Straight North is an expert in three of the most effective types of online display advertising: Retargeting, Contextual Targeting and Site Targeting.

Our display advertising services will help you reach qualified prospects and generate excellent sales leads with high potential for conversion.

Our Complete Display Advertising Business

Retargeting (referred to as remarketing by Google) ads display to people who have already visited your website and who have already established themselves as prospects. When done correctly, retargeting increases conversion rates 50% to 100%, or more.

Contextual Targeting
Contextual targeting is keyword-driven, and displays ads on websites with content that matches the keywords the display campaign targets. When your ad displays, it is likely to be relevant and timely, improving the likelihood of your ad getting clicked.

Site Targeting
Site targeting displays your ads on a group of relevant websites selected by you and us. Site targeting enables you to deliver a precise message to a highly qualified audience, not only generating traffic and leads, but also enhancing brand awareness and brand affinity.

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We never thought about retargeting until Straight North brought it to our attention. We’re glad they did, because we’re getting terrific results in every respect.

Kristen Gramigna
Chief Marketing Officer

Online Display Advertising: Depth & Breadth

With a full-time staff of over 60, our display advertising company includes a deep bench of Web copywriters, designers and developers to produce your ads and landing pages. The quality of your campaign never hinges on the talent or availability of a single individual – giving you the continuity and reliability you need to conduct an effective display ad campaign. Transparent communication is a high priority for us. You work with a dedicated account manager, who keeps you fully abreast of what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how well the campaign is working. Just as important, your account manager seeks your input and ideas for making your campaigns more effective.

If you would like to learn more about our display advertising services and discuss your campaign, call us now at 855-883-0011 or request a quote online.