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SEO Web Design Company

What this means to you: We’ll build your website with a solid SEO structure from top to bottom.

  • If you have an SEO campaign currently underway, you won’t lose much if any ground in your transition to a new website. (You may even gain ground.)
  • If you ever want to start an SEO campaign after your new website launches, your site will be ready to go, saving you the time and expense of retooling your website and speeding up the progress of your campaign.

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SEO Web Design Services

Our SEO website design company works with small, midsize and large B2B and B2C organizations with a wide range of budgets and website specifications. We are especially strong in lead generation websites, where the intention is not only to have the site present a powerful image of the organization, but also drive revenue. Key features of our web design SEO services include:

  • Detailed discovery. Our project team works with you and your staff to gain an understanding of the goals of your new website, the features and benefits of your products/services, the needs of your customers, and the competitive landscape. The more we know about you, the more powerful and persuasive your website will be.
  • Mobile-friendly design. We are experts in responsive web design, which enables your site to automatically adjust for optimal viewing on any size screen. Mobile-friendly design is a huge strength for us and an absolute requirement for not only SEO but also user experience and conversion optimization.
  • Experienced copywriters. Having contributed to hundreds of websites in a multitude of verticals, our copywriters have the experience to produce content that is credible, useful, engaging and valuable. Like mobile-friendly design, valuable site content is essential for every reason, including SEO. Googlebots are getting quite adept at identifying — and highly ranking — valuable content.
  • Ultra-efficient project workflow. Our full-time, in-house team of SEO analysts, web designers, developers and copywriters works together using a proven, documented workflow process to build your new website. All work is done under the guidance of an experienced project manager who will be your primary Straight North contact throughout the project. Our highly organized workflow process reduces opportunities for information to get lost in the shuffle and keeps your website project proceeding on time and on budget.
  • SEO functionality. Our designers, developers and copywriters all have extensive backgrounds in SEO. This means:
  • Your content will be properly optimized for any keywords targeted for your new site.
  • Meta data (especially title tags), URL structures and other elements of the site structure will be built to be search engine friendly. This enables search engine bots to recognize and understand your website content.
  • Page loading speed, a critical ranking factor for SEO, will be a high priority for our developers and designers.
  • Your new site will be free of SEO errors such as mishandling of redirects, internal linking, navigation and duplicate content.

To learn more about our SEO web design services or get a full project proposal, please contact us now or call us toll free at 855-883-0011.